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KHULA Environmental Consultants

Your Trusted Partner for Quality Integrated Environmental Solutions Since 2007.


KHULA’s core business lies in the field of Integrated Environmental Management (IEM). The specific expertise offered by the KHULA team is as follows:

Environmental Impact Assessment

Detailed assessments ensure ecologically sound projects, fostering sustainable development practices responsibly.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Shaping policies and plans for sustainable, environmentally conscious development strategies.

Pubic Participation Management

Engaging communities for inclusive decision-making, fostering transparency and accountable governance in projects.

Construction Site Environmental Management

Efficiently managing construction site's environmental impact through strategic planning and sustainable practices.

Environmental Risk Assessment

A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

Contamination Assessments

Assessing potential environmental risks and implementing strategies to mitigate negative impacts responsibly.

Wetland, Biodiversity and Ecological Assessments

Thorough assessments of wetlands, biodiversity, and ecosystems to inform conservation strategies and sustainable land use.

Environmental Legal Representation

Providing legal representation for environmental cases, advocating for compliance, justice, and preservation of natural resources.

These services are offered in terms of the regulatory requirements of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) and the “Specific” Environmental Management Acts, such as the Biodiversity Act, Waste Act and Air Quality Act.

KHULA is also able to offer services in the fields of Natural Resource Management Planning with a specific focus on the following:

Community based Natural Resource Management

A people-centered approach to the integration of conservation of the natural resource base

Ecotourism Planning

Creating opportunity to attract tourist revenue while maintaining the long term economic and environmental viability of the region.

Event / facility Greening

Ensuring the planning, organisation and execution of an event is socially and environmentally responsible.

KHULA Environmental Consultants ("KHULA") was established in 2007 by Nick Steytler,

a certified Environmental Assessment Practitioner with over 20 years experience in Integrated Environmental Management.